Who is Greg Bailey


My name is Greg Bailey and I would like to share with you some things, explaining my reasons for considering public office, and some of my background and experience.

There are so many matters in our government that have gone astray from our founders original intent. The lying and unconstitutional lawlessness come to the surface to me the most. We have lost moral leadership in our Congress, which to me is the safeguard put into place by the founders. All of our laws in the past have been founded on the principles of what is morally right as defined by our Creator. Every nation that has fallen had started its slide from morality.

With these thoughts in mind, let me share some of my intent if I decide to run for the U. S. Senate. These ideas are not new, but they are the fundamental beliefs that have made our country the greatest nation ever on Earth. There are reasons why we have succeeded, and our history clearly shows it. I have outlined these in my 10 vows to the people of the State of Colorado and to our country as a whole, with your support I will do my best to fulfill those vows.

I spent 28 years with the Colorado State Patrol, and I feel honored to have been a public servant. I have had the privilege to be in one of the best law enforcement organizations in our country. I have had some of the best training and education, by some of the very best leaders in our society. It truly has been a privilege. As a young 14 year old boy I knew that it was my calling in life, as did the thought of entering politics when that career came to an end. After retirement from the State Patrol I took a job in the oil business as a transportation advisor for a fairly large energy company and had my eyes opened as to the private sector of business. After 5 years on that job I decided to retire full time.

I have been married for over 37 years and having a family of 3 grown children, I must decide whether or not to go back into public service. It has been difficult for me to watch what has been transpiring in our country over the last few years. I feel that we have been blessed tremendously, and feel compelled to not allow losing what the previous generations have worked so hard for, and to enjoy the freedoms we have. We owe it to them and our children. I truly believe that evil will prevail when good men sit around and do nothing.

Thank you for your consideration,

Greg Bailey
Greeley, Colorado

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